Our Values

  • Transparency and honesty

    • We can’t always tell you what is going through our candidates’ heads – but you will always know what is going through ours.
  • Genuine interactions

    • Facades have no space at this table. Cutting through the noise is the only way for us to truly understand your needs and culture.
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships

    • We don’t win unless you win first. Really. Look at our fee structure.
  • Urgency

    • We value your time just as much as your own – moving quickly is the key to success in our industry.

Why Us?

Our team takes pride in our ability to curate a unique, personalized experience for each and every person with whom we interact. When you call Snelling Staffing of Northern Colorado, you can be confident that one of our dedicated team members will be there to answer your call. No automated messaging systems or callback queues here!

Additionally, Snelling has adopted a variety of software systems that allow us to offer a contactless experience for both clients and candidates! While we still conduct business as usual, our team realizes that “normal” is no longer standardized. Snelling believes in offering comprehensive solutions available to everyone, at any step of the process. Ask to see a demonstration of our proprietary virtual interview system!

Call, text, or email us to find out what the hiring experts at Snelling can do for you!

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Our Story

Snelling Staffing of Northern Colorado, a locally owned talent agency born in 1997, takes pride in having access to a national network – while still being able to provide the personalized service experience of a small business. Decades ago, Snelling was initially founded with the objective of helping people to “achieve the success they desire”-  whether that is helping our clients by staffing an entire division, or assisting one candidate in finding the right career. Fast forward to today, and our mission has not wavered. Matching talented candidates with our amazing clients provides us with an avenue of service to our immediate community. We are in the business of changing lives!

We work hard to understand the demands employers face in the current employment landscape, and our team builds this understanding into every solution we provide. Snelling of Northern Colorado truly provides “Custom Workforce Solutions.”

Meet the Northern Colorado Team

Trish Bowen-Banister

President & Recruiter

Trish has called Colorado home for the last 25 years but hails from Alabama, having earned her graduate degree at Auburn University (War Eagle!).  Trish’s “non-hidden” talent is regularly talking her husband into rescuing pets. When not engaged with our clients, employees and candidates, Trish enjoys time with family, catering to her three rescue dogs and one kitty, and patio dinners in the summer with friends and family.

Michelle Jabs, CSP, TSC

Director of Recruiting Operations

Michelle is Snelling’s Director of Recruiting Operations and brings more than 10 years of recruiting and management experience, making the transition from higher education administration to focus on recruiting exclusively in 2016. Michelle is a Certified Staffing Professional and Technical Services Certified through the American Staffing Association.

Michelle is a proud Wyoming native, but has called Colorado home for 34 years. She is a graduate of the University of Wyoming and a huge fan of the Denver Broncos. Michelle makes her home in Windsor with her husband Christopher and their two pups, Sophie and Buddy. She is the proud mom to four grown boys—Andy, Bryce, Jack and Adam.

Melanie Ecker

Director of Client Relations

Melanie is a Colorado native with a degree from CSU. One of her top strengths is “woo,” which she naturally uses to successfully engage with our clients and candidates. When not working, Melanie enjoys a round of golf, walking, skiing, and spending time with her family, including her two sons, their wives and a grandson on the way and last but not least- a grand pup. A couple of cool facts about Mel—she has moved 12 times (a big thank you for her husband’s military service), and she travelled for a year with Up with People, and occasionally we find her singing songs from that era in the office. Melanie’s talents include the occasional office cartwheel, handstand, or random jib.

Katrina Sellers

Executive Recruiter

Katrina, a University of Colorado at Denver graduate, is an experienced recruiter with a passion for connecting people. She is dedicated to saving clients’ time, frustration, and money by delivering the right fit for candidates and clients. She is committed to looking beyond just necessary skill sets to develop a deep understanding of cultural fit as well. When not working, you will find Katrina spending time outdoors with her husband and two young children. Family favorites include mountain biking, hiking, camping, paddle boarding, and snowboarding.

Sheri Reighard

Executive Recruiter

Sheri was born and raised in Northern Colorado, making her extremely familiar with the unique characteristics of our community. Skilled at interpersonal connection, she possesses the distinct talent of getting into the head of the client, helping them determine what traits they need in an employee, and matching them with a candidate that will excel in the position. When Sheri isn’t connecting employers with top-rated candidates, she enjoys hitting the slopes with her family (though she’s been known to take a tumble or two), paddle boarding, camping in the mountains, gardening, and unwinding on a sunny patio with her husband and friends. Mom to a teen daughter and 10-year-old son, her kids definitely keep her on her toes, but she wouldn’t have it any other way (although she could do without the premature gray hairs they’ve caused). And we can’t forget to mention her beloved pups, Gretchen and Buddy, who round out the family and bring lots of joy and a little mischief to her life.

Isaac Bowen

Business Development Manager

Isaac, a long-time Fort Collins’ resident, earned a communications degree from Colorado State University. When not reaching out to clients, you can find him outdoors! Isaac is an avid mountain biker in the summer and snowboarder in the winter. Isaac also enjoys fishing, hiking, and traveling in his custom-built, camper van. Next on Isaac’s list of adventures is a northbound thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, which he intends to embark on in the spring of 2022. If you’d like to get Isaac distracted, talk to him about anything fitness, self improvement, or food related – he would be happy to oblige.



Bennett grew up in Houston, Texas and is a recent graduate of Texas State University. Being an avid outdoorsman, Bennett moved to Colorado and has called it home since the summer of 2021. He also enjoys playing music, especially in the company of his friends. Bennett is the most quick-witted, charismatically articulate member of Snelling (and also able to give detailed descriptions of most comic book characters at a moment’s notice), yet he has trouble describing himself. So we jumped in to help. After all, team work makes the dream work. In short, he is a dedicated worker and a good friend. And he is excited to explore all that Colorado has to offer!


Office Greeter

Ollie the office dog, a Houston, Texas native, found his way into the Banisters’ hearts at the tender age of 11 months. Ollie brings much joy to the office team, as well as the occasional, annoying, misplaced bark.  He encourages the team to get steps in by taking well-deserved walks. Ollie also knows how to use his soulful eyes to get Melanie to share her cheese sticks.


Office Security

Bella, our other office dog, keeps a watchful eye on our day-to-day operations…when she isn’t snoring loudly on the couch. As a 10.5 year veteran of the recruiting industry, she remains fairly unphased when things get chaotic. Despite her calm demeanor, Bella eagerly gets up to greet guests and give them a thorough sniff-down in exchange for a few scratches behind the ears. Much like her canine counterpart, Ollie, Bella has also mastered the art of ensuring Melanie shares any and all snacks that may emerge throughout the day.

Are you seeking not only a great job but a meaningful career? Let Snelling match your skills and cultural preferences to a position with local long-standing clients. We are proud to have been locally owned and operated for 24 years.

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