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We work with people, not resumes. 

We take a tailored approach to finding the perfect candidates for your organization. We don’t just look for people who meet all the requirements – we find individuals who excel in their field and mesh perfectly with your company culture.

The problem with recruiting today….

Over the past 20 years, recruiting services have become commoditized. Most agencies have intentionally driven down cost by replacing their labor hours with automation, bots, and outsourcing. Doing so has created a broken industry that cares more about sending bulk resumes than presenting perfect candidates for your organization.

Looking to Hire? Your Journey Begins Here!

We take the road less traveled. 

Our tailoring process starts with a face-to-face discovery session. We’ll discover those key nuances–specifically important to you–that  don’t show up on a job description or a resume. 

Then, your designated recruiting partner begins a thoughtful and intentional search process. 

After vetting our top picks, your recruiter will present you with candidates you will be thrilled to meet. 

Our process ensures that every minute you put into the hiring process is efficient and rewarding.

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What Our Clients Say

Job Seeker

“Honestly, Snelling has been a blessing for me and my family. I have been hired for two amazing positions through Snelling. Trish and her staff have been nothing but helpful and attentive to my employment needs. I am currently in a permanent position through Snelling, one that I never would have found without them. I love it and am so grateful for the wonderful customer service that they have given me. Thank you so much, Snelling! You guys go above and beyond for your clients and your employees. I appreciate everything you all have done for me!” Sheri R., Construction, Loveland”

Sheri R., Construction – Loveland, Colorado

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Executive Search

“In today’s oversaturated candidate market, having a recruiting partner like Snelling is invaluable. Not only do they save me time and headache, but they have the ability to find exactly who I need. Isaac wasn’t afraid to ask the hard questions to truly get a grasp of the kind of person that would fit in with our unique culture”

Vice President, Electric Contractor – Phoenix, Arizona

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Contract Staffing

“We sought out Snelling Staffing of Northern Colorado after weeks of interviewing potential candidates and feeling frustrated with the lack of results and wasted time. I was so impressed with the urgency and follow through they used while helping us find our new front desk associate. I encourage anyone looking for top notch individuals to reach out to Snelling. Trish and Michelle were an absolute pleasure to work with!”

Catie P., Business Owner, Administrative/Clerical – Greeley, Colorado

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At Snelling Staffing Agency of Northern Colorado, we care – a lot! Our national network brings us over 70 years of staffing expertise, and when combined with the latest industry tools, our team has what it takes to get you the results you want – FAST.

  • Passionate

  • Progressive

  • Punctual

Meet the Snelling Team

Are you seeking not only a great job but a meaningful career? Let Snelling match your skills and cultural preferences to a position with local long-standing clients. We are proud to have been locally owned and operated for 25 years.

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